Do you require cooling, heating, ventilation or replacing that old boiler system for a eco-friendlier option? 

AirJoy specialise in Installation, service and maintenance on 

all types of climate solutions from air conditioning systems to keep you cool or warm to heat pumps that give you a more cost effective and

eco-friendly substitute to your existing boiler system.

With a combined experience of over 40 years AirJoy has developed an excellent reputation for our reliability, installation quality and cost effective service throughout the UK.

We specialise in Commercial and Residential properties and cover every

aspect of your project. 

Design, Installation, service & maintenance and safety checks.


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It's time to go green

Air to Water Heat Pumps

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Heat pumps are a low cost and environmentally friendly way to provide heating and hot water to your home.


By harnessing renewable energy, you can reduce both your heating bills and your impact on the environment.

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Air Conditioning Refrigerant Gas Legislation


At present we now only install R32 or R410A refrigeration based systems.


R22 is now illegal to use in the UK on new installs or repairing loss of refrigerant in your existing system. If you still own a system with this refrigerant in then we think it is time to change. Not only will you be helping the planet from potential depletion but you can also improve your energy efficiency.


R32 is the latest and most popular air conditioning refrigerant gases.


Our design team will make sure they provide the most energy efficient installation for your property and one that meets if not exceeds the minimum FGAS legislation.

Are you complying?


“My unit in the conservatory was leaking, Airjoy instructed me to make safe and they fixed it within 24 hours.”

Mrs Jenny Collings

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